Hypnotherapy Practice of Samuel Lurie

35 King Street

Burlington, Vermont 05401



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Workshops and Groups

Samuel is an experienced, engaging workshop presenter. Ask about these specific workshops for your agency, staff or group, or call to have something designed specifically for your needs.

Get Motivated through Self-Hypnosis:

Learn what hypnosis is and how to customize it to meet your goals.

•Increase motivation and Improve Performance

•Build Confidence

•Manage weight or eating habits

•Easily get to the gym and enjoy your workouts.

•Get motivated for behavior change or improvement important to YOU!

Calm and Confident: Overcoming Anxiety and Boosting Self-Esteem

Anxiety wears us out and takes a physical and emotional toll.  Use that energy instead to believe in yourself.

•Discover tools to help you feel grounded and calm in any situation.

•Identify strategies for your own situation to help you be proud and present in all social and professional settings.

Pass with Flying Colors: No more test or school anxiety

For students of all ages, learn tools to rid yourself of test anxiety forever.

•No longer waste time and energy procrastinating or fearing tests.

•Help with study habits and ability to focus and prepare.

•Calmly sit for exams, and know that you are prepared and know everything you need to know.

•Use these tools when studying, writing, or taking exams to change your experience with tests, performance and grading.

Find Your Voice: Powerful Public Speaking or Performing:

We often hear that fear of speaking in public is one of the strongest fears that human’s possess. But we all have valuable things to say. In this workshop learn to:

•Stay more physically comfortable when you speak.

•Trust your own unique voice.

•Know that others appreciate what you have to tell them.

Breathe Free: Changing Smoking Habits: Whether your goal is to reduce smoking or quit altogether, this group workshop will explain what hypnosis is and how to customize it to meet your goals around smoking or tobacco use.

•Learn why will-power is the hardest way to quit smoking.

•Discover how to make yourself simply not feel like smoking.

•No matter how much or how long you have smoked, learn about your relationship to cigarettes and what it has to teach you.


Focus for Fall: Meet Your Goals and Accomplish Tasks

Thursday, Sept. 17

Shelburne Health and Fitness, 6-7:30pm, FREE

Tuesday, Sept. 22

Burlington Public Library

12-1 pm, FREE

Fridays, Oct. 9 and 16

Charlotte Senior Center

9-10:30am, 2-part workshop. Call to register 985-6345.